maandag 19 september 2011

ns dagkaart


U bent op zoek naar een NS dagkaart ? Dan hebt u even geluk. Wanneer u op zoek bent naar een aanbieding of informatie kunt u op onze website terecht. U hoeft enkel op het dikgedrukte gedeelte uw muis te zetten en vervolgens met de linker muiskant erop te klikken. Zo bent u verzekerd van de beste deal voor uw goedkope kaart waarmee u door het hele land kunt reizen! Twijfel dus niet en ga een kijkje nemen op de website. U kunt er een hele leuke dag aan over houden! Daarom hebben wij de website opgericht.

vrijdag 16 september 2011

Google Plus Service

Recently our organisation ordered a lot of google plus Ones. The social network from google. Google is laying a social layer, a social component, to this new product. The goal of Google is to connect all the aspects of the internet to one.

A while ago they, Google, added social search, all the results are influenced by +1. They combine all the data of your searching results. You can see what your friends recommend and what everybody else recommends. Quite interesting don’t you think?
Because of the upcoming importance of google plus we’d thought let’s give it a go. And yes, it worked. At least for the plus ones. We’re not quite sure about the ipact but at least 1000 people liked our website. That says something positive against our visitors.

For the future this could be very, very hulpfull. When the search engine motive changes on a large scale people could use the search involving +1’s in their results, this way it’s like a promotion of your website. That’s why this is so important and we thought let’s try.

We tried google plus service an organization who delivers Google Plus on a daily basis. The Google plus are delivered separately on every day, so that Google doesn’t intemperate it as spam. We ordered 1000 +1’s by paying with PayPal, which of course was a piece of a cake. At 1,5 week they delivered all the +1’s.

Concluding, we definatly recommend google plus service for adding +1’s to your website, they have the lowest pricing to go with their good service. At least that’s what we found on the internet.

What is Google Plus (Video)